Monday, 2 July 2007

What Next For Regional Ops North?

You will be aware that for the past few months Connect and Vodafone have been engaged in discussions about recognition for collective bargaining in Technology Regional Operations and that Connect put in a formal application for recognition when informal talks failed.

Connect learned last week that the Government’s Central Arbitration Committee has ruled that our proposed bargaining unit of Regional Operations North was viable, despite Vodafone's objections. The next stage is for the CAC to decide whether to award recognition based on high and growing Connect membership, or to hold a workplace ballot of all staff in Regional Operations North. We have today made a submission to the CAC stating that we believe our membership figures demonstrate sufficient support for collective bargaining and that therefore it is within their remit to award recognition without a ballot. Our members have clearly stated all along that they want collective bargaining and have joined the union to that end. However, so far Vodafone has been obstructive at every stage and we expect them to continue this by requesting a ballot.

Today we have also written to the company to announce our intention to seek recognition in Regional Operations South, where our membership has grown significantly, and our members have asked us to apply for recognition on their behalf. This is the first step in the process for submitting the appropriate application to the CAC.

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