Saturday, 30 June 2007

CAC Confirms Regiona Ops North bargaining rule is viable

The government’s Central Arbitration Committee has now ruled that Regional Operations North is a viable bargaining unit for recognition for collective bargaining in Vodafone.
This is a significant step in Connect’s campaign for recognition in the company. We welcome this decision which clearly supports the arguments that have been made by the union and its members in Vodafone.

The CAC now needs to determine whether the union has sufficient support for collective bargaining. The CAC can either:
· award recognition based on our strong and growing membership figures, or;
· conduct a workplace ballot, if it concludes that membership density alone does not indicate support for collective bargaining.

The announcement means that any decision will be applied to Regional Operations North. However, it will be welcomed by all members across the company as a very clear step towards achieving an independent voice for Vodafone workers.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Did you get your 4.3% today?

For must of us the answer to that question will be no. Today is the day which we receive our wages with the addition of this years pay rise. It appears that this years pay rise was worth 2-3% to most of us this year.

In reality that’s no pay rise at all, in fact it’s a pay cut. Inflation (RPI) is currently running at 4.3%. Anything below that and we’re not keeping up with the cost of the the essential things we buy every day. So our fortunate colleague who received a 3% pay rise (and most have worked very hard to get this much!) will be able to buy 1.3% less stuff this year with the fruits of their 200ish days labour.

One of the main advantages of a collective bargaining unit is that by standing together we can get a much better deal. No one is asking for the kind of double digit pay rises enjoyed by Sarin and the board, but surely anyone who’s performance over the last 12 months was “Good” deserves a pay rise that at least matches inflation!!!

Connect Meeting in Newbury - Tuesday 3rd July

Tuesday 3rd July 2007
5.30 onwards
The Narrowboat, London Road , Newbury RG14 2BP

Come and hear the latest news from your Connect Service Ops reps who attended Connect Conference last week. Conference gave Vodafone reps and members unanimous support for their continued recognition struggle.

Your chance to meet other Connect members, ask questions or raise issues, such as pay, performance management or anything else concerning you.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Connect Bi-Annual conference 2007

Last week reps from Service Ops joined our colleagues from Regional Ops at the Connect bi-annual conference in Plymouth to form the Vodafone delegation. The warmth of the greeting from conference was amazing!
Everyone was aware of the battle for recognition currently been fought by Regional Ops and their support was gladly received.

On the first day the delegation met with Adrian Askew, Connect General Secretary, and discussed the role
played by Vodafone employed members. Adrian believes that workers in the wireless sector represent the future for Connect,
and the work done by reps and Connect organisers in green field organisations such as Vodafone is immensely important.

Over the course of the conference our reps talked to a number of our colleagues in BT and other workplaces. Everyone was
eager to share their experiences of union organising many offers of help and support were recieved

The Vodafone delegation put forward the a proposal for the conference to agree that Connect
Should continue to provide unwavering support to gaining recognition in Regional Ops and any other area
where membership is sufficiently strong. Colleagues in both T-mobile and Yell spoke in support.
Not only was the proposal passed unanimously but they received a standing ovation leaving the podium.

There was never any doubt that Vodafone members had the full support of Connect, but our delegation left certain
that we are key to the strategy of our union.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Connect Meets Vodafone at Central Arbitration Committee

Today Connect met Vodafone in a formal hearing at the Central Arbitration Committee. The purpose of the hearing was to decide on whether Regional Operations North is a viable unit for collective bargaining.

Vodafone is arguing that nothing short of the whole of Regional Operations could be a viable bargaining unit. Connect, having listened to your views and your perspective on working in Vodafone, can see no good reason why collective bargaining cannot start off in Regional Operations North. Obviously, we have ambitions to extend into other areas of Regional Operations - and also into other parts of Vodafone, as we build up support. But we still believe that Regional Operations North would be a viable bargaining unit.

We hope to get a decision from the CAC panel on Friday of next week, and will let members know the situation as soon as we hear. Remember - this is only a decision about the appropriate bargaining unit, not about recognition - that will be the next stage in the statutory process, where we will have to demonstrate that there is majority support for collective bargaining within the approved bargaining unit.