Saturday, 30 June 2007

CAC Confirms Regiona Ops North bargaining rule is viable

The government’s Central Arbitration Committee has now ruled that Regional Operations North is a viable bargaining unit for recognition for collective bargaining in Vodafone.
This is a significant step in Connect’s campaign for recognition in the company. We welcome this decision which clearly supports the arguments that have been made by the union and its members in Vodafone.

The CAC now needs to determine whether the union has sufficient support for collective bargaining. The CAC can either:
· award recognition based on our strong and growing membership figures, or;
· conduct a workplace ballot, if it concludes that membership density alone does not indicate support for collective bargaining.

The announcement means that any decision will be applied to Regional Operations North. However, it will be welcomed by all members across the company as a very clear step towards achieving an independent voice for Vodafone workers.

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