Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Churchill - Vodafone/Orange joint venture

So from indigo to Vorange the latest name on the cards for the Vodafone/Orange joint venture is Churchill.

That sounds like the dog that always says yes....

Our colleagues in Regional Operations have been told that there will be an announcement about the joint venture on the 20th July. This is significant been the day after the AGM, where the company is obliged to make significant announcements to the city. Traditionally the shop floor learns the finer detail,ie the stuff that effects us the next day.

RO reps are working hard organising and recruiting members and we expect that collective bargaining will be in place before any change comes to fruition. We expect Connect to be consulted and the impact to members to be minimised. But with Vodafone refusing to play ball this will only be achieved through us creating a strong trade union.

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