Thursday, 19 July 2007

Victory in Regional Ops North!!!

After several months the recognition process for Connect members in Regional Operations North is finally complete and their union now has recognition.

Vodafone tried to string out the process for as long as possible even though there was not a legal leg to stand on. What happens if you sit on a 3 legged chair? Well Vodafone’s has fallen over today!

Connect has already started the legal process to force recognition in Regional Operations South and is fully committed to following the same process in any other area of Vodafone where the membership is sufficiently strong.


johninnit said...

Congratulations - this is excellent news! Good luck in the south too now.

Peppone said...


I rember handing out mugs and litrature outside Voda buildings in reading years ago when we first started to organise them.

Pete said...

Fingers crossed for the south as well now, must confess I didn't realise this was a first in the whole company!