Monday, 30 July 2007

Vodafone Informs Workers of Connect’s Success in Regional Ops North

Vodafone today published a notice on their Technology Intranet informing employees of Connect’s victory in Regional Ops.

Apparently Vodafone “have always engaged positively and constructively with unions and have completed a legal process with Connect to complete a statutory recognition agreement for people in Regional Operations North”

How the management can claim they have engaged positively and constructively with unions is beyond belief! They certainly never have done so with Connect, and if they are engaged with another union (perhaps the guild of spin doctors?) we are unaware.

The only time Vodafone come to the negotiating table is when they are forced to do so by legal process. Now that Regional Ops North have a statutory bargaining unit Vodafone are forced to consult with Connect.

Connect members believe that this process will be mutually beneficial to both workers and the company, and will ultimately make Vodafone more successful in the market place.

We look forward to Vodafone engaging positively and constructively in the way described in the future, Connect are committed to doing likewise.

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