Monday, 23 July 2007

Unions protest at Vodafone AGM

Trade Unions from around the world will be at the Vodafone AGM tomorrow to protest against the companies anti-union activities.

In South Africa, Vodacom (50% owned by Vodafone) refuses to recognise The Communication Workers Union of South Africa. 1200 members have been striking in protest and they reported company provocateurs infiltrating strikers to insult them, cameramen charging the picket line and even slapping workers. Workers have never responded to these aggressions.

Reginald Mokitlane was going home after the peaceful picketing of Vodacom when he was arrested by police under the instruction of a Risk Management official from Vodacom.

The strike has been perhaps the most peaceful strike in the recent history of South Africa. No damages to persons or property have been reported.

“We condemn Vodacom’s actions to resist union recognition and to victimise union members in a peaceful, lawful strike,” said UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings. “Workers in South Africa and around the world have a right to join unions and to bargain collectively as a result of decisions taken at the International Labour Organisation.”UNI has called on Vodafone executives to meet them to discuss the South Africa dispute.

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