Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Employee experience on the slide in SO

The latest edition of the Service Operations Employee Experience Newsletter was forced into the hands of many Connect members today. Included in this was the news that employee experience index within Service Ops fell from 71% to 64%. That’s quite a dip and I would suspect if someone was deliberately working to detriment the score they would find such a result difficult to achieve!

The occasional computer games tournament in the hall way at lunch time is good (Particularly for those fortunate enough to get a lunch break) but it clearly isn’t enough to have a significant impact to many of us.

It appears that the company is committed to spending a lot of time talking about how important employee experience is but they are not prepared to put their hands in their pockets to improve the life of workers in a meaningful way.

The SO employee experience team have been approached with the suggestion that perhaps they should be engaging with Connect. After all O2 where Connect is recognised and consulted on such matters is ranked 6th in the Times best companies to work for, far higher than Vodafone. The response received was that the company felt it inappropriate to involve the union in this way. This is sad really as this is an area where Connects objectives match those that Vodafone claim to hold.

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