Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Project Churchill update from Vodafone

We have received a response from the company to our letter about Project Churchill (Orange RAN share) dated 21 January 2008.

Our letter followed discussions between your Connect representatives and Vodafone and reflected queries that had been raised by members.

It is disappointing that the company is not yet able to make firmer commitments on the key people issues that we have taken up. These are issues that we believe need to be looked at in principle as early as possible in the consultation process with Connect. However we believe it is encouraging that there is a clear sympathy for the strength of feeling of Vodafone employees and that the company has committed to address those concerns in an open and honest way. Connect looks forward to working with Vodafone to establish a way forward that ensures that these sentiments benefit our members in Regional Operations North and South.

In line with our members' wishes and commitments that the company has made, we will engage with Vodafone constructively over the coming weeks up to meeting formally with the company on 5 March to provide more detail on the 'people issues.' We will, of course, update members on progress.

Vodafone’s letter is available to members on the main website.

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