Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Network sharing deal in Vodafone

Connect has spoken to Vodafone in respect to this mornings press speculation on the status of Vodafone and Orange network-sharing deal.

As part of our ongoing dialogue with the company we have pushed for a response, but at this stage Vodafone are unable to confirm or deny the story published in the Guardian today.

Members in Regional Operations will be aware that conference calls scheduled for earlier today were cancelled by the company. Our understanding is that this was because formal announcements could not be made in the timescale originally anticipated. Whilst Connect appreciates that discussions on the network-sharing programme are at a critical point, we do believe that setting up and cancelling the call at late notice has added to the sense of uncertainty and frustration felt by our members.

Your union expects there to be further announcements on the future of the network-sharing deal later this week. At this uncertain time we would like to reassure our members that we are engaged in consultation with the company and that we will continue to assess the impact of announcements on our members in Vodafone. We will look to agree the way forward with the company where possible to deliver the best possible outcome for the members on the key issues and will keep members up to date with that work.

If you have any colleagues who are not members of Connect please pass this email on to them. They can take this opportunity to join the recognised union by going to www.connectuk.org/join or calling our membership department on 020 8971 6000.

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