Monday, 13 August 2007

Supply Chain Management Add eBay To Preferred Supplier List

An article in The Register today explains that Vodafone is now buying secondhand Nokia 9210’s on eBay to sell to deaf customers using the service provided in association with the RNID.

Vodafone claim in their 2006-2007 Corporate Responsibility report that a key element of their strategy is” Reducing preventable exclusion through accessible features and services for disabled and elderly people, and other customers who find it difficult to use mobile phones”. When the RNID service was launched Vodafone was the forerunning in providing such services, now the company appear to be the forerunner in producing glossy booklets and good intentions and somewhat trailing in delivery.

It is frankly embarrassing that we work for a mobile phone operator forced to scrounge second hand phones to support a service that was once a flagship.

You would think that it wouldn’t be beyond a global operator with over 200 million customers to ask a manufacturer to design a handset fit for 2007 specifically for the RNID service. Alternatively I’m sure the Nokia 9210 would have remained in production had Vodafone offered the service to the deaf community around the world and ordered a sufficient number of handsets to make this viable.

Connect members are a pragmatic bunch, we haven’t been asked how Vodafone best continue the service but we do have a solution. A slightly customised Blackberry running Telnet emulator and a GUI to make it look marketable would provide a snazzy platform to offer a growing target audience a service suitable for the 21st century.


peter said...

Wow! Its great to hear that Supply Chain Management Services are merging with eBay to provide good services to deaf people with RNID technology in Nokia 9210’s phones.

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