Friday, 10 August 2007

More Dirty Tricks by Vodacom

Earlier this week we thought that the fight by Vodacom South Africa workers had reached a conclusion after the company agreed a settlement with CWU. However on the 7th of August 13 of our colleagues returned to work to be told that they were suspended from their duties without explanation.

Many of those suspended are active union leaders, arrest warrants have been issued against 8 of these on instruction from Vodacom and at least 5 have already spent time in prison for allegedly breaching picketing rules during peaceful protests.

Vodacom are now refusing to meet with the union, despite their recent “agreement”

If you are concerned by the persecution our fellow workers at another Vodafone subsidiary please take the time write to Vodacom’s CEO, Alan Knott-Craig care of UNI, the global union which Connect is a member of.

You can keep up to date with developments in South Africa at the CWU-Vodacom blog.

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