Thursday, 26 June 2008

Outsourcing In Vodafone Technology Teams

Vodafone has this morning announced its intention to enter into a 'Request for Proposal' (RFP) process.

The outcome of this process may be that Vodafone decides to outsource some of its functions to an outside company or vendor.

At this stage there are members potentially in scope in parts of Regional Operations and Service Operations in Technology and also within the Property function. However it appears that no firm decision has been made and that it will be some months before Vodafone reaches a decision to outsource or not.

As the recognised union for a significant number of members in scope Connect has been informed of the proposals and has already started to make recommendations on how consultation will look over the coming months and what the critical issues are for members. Your union has extensive experience in dealing with outsourcing and TUPE and will ensure that members concerns on thee impact on them as employees are expressed in a strong and independent way.

In addition to 'strategic and long-term benefits', Vodafone has explained that the key drivers behind this process are focus, quality and cost. Over the coming months we will ensure that these drivers are challenged robustly. Through this process we believe that Vodafone will want to demonstrate the sustainability of any proposals going forward. Without this sustainability it will be impossible for Connect and our members to be confident that employees' terms and conditions and job security can be safeguarded after any transfer.

We will of course be requiring Vodafone to enter into meaningful consultation with Connect with a view to reaching agreement on these and other critical issues, such as TUPE terms and conditions, pension rights, at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the views of our members are given appropriate weight by Vodafone and by any potential new employer as part of the RFP process.

It is vital at this time that you and your colleagues are members of Connect. Keep your eye out for future updates and if you have any queries please contact your Connect Representative or our Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060.

If you have colleagues who are not yet members they need to join us now. We can accept members from both within where we have union recognition and where we do not at this moment. Joining is easy and can be done by visiting or contacting our membership department on 020 8971 6000.


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