Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Reorganisation and Job Losses in Regional Operations

Following Vodafone’s communication yesterday about job cuts in “Head Office”, Connect has learned that a reorganisation is also proposed in Regional Operations and we will be se
seeking an early meeting with the company to understand the implications of this.

At the same time we are aware that a number of individuals have been impacted directly in Regional Operations. Those 'at risk' of redundancy will have now been individually informed.

Members may also be aware that across the business there appear to have been a number of dismissals not for the purposes of redundancy timed to coincide with these 'at risk' announcements. Connect has made it clear to the company that this is completely unacceptable and will be raising this in the strongest terms in the discussions within the RO bargaining unit.

As the recognised union for Regional Ops Connect will meet to kick off a meaningful consultation process with the company at the earliest opportunity. In doing so we will need to represent the views of our members. If you are member in RO please contact one of your Connect representatives with your comments.

For a communications company Vodafone's reputation and record in situations such as these has in the past not been good. Connect and our members in Regional Operations will be working together to ensure that meaningful consultation with the aim of reaching agreement between the union and the company is at the heart of what we do over the coming weeks. In doing so we will challenge Vodafone to listen, engage and deliver a favorable employee experience even in a difficult situation such as this.

If you have any queries or comments please contact one of your Connect representatives or email or call our Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060.

We have received a number of applications for union membership around these announcements, so you may wish to share this with a colleague and suggest that they visit if they are not yet a member.

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Anonymous said...

Chucking a new member of staf into a store is just going to further cut the comision of us who are already there. Load of balls.

Can't believe the shameful way that Voda4u are acting. How can you just tell someone to go when they have been loyal working for eghit years. evryone need to join Connect now on the website they have