Monday, 15 October 2007

Recognition deal formally signed in Vodafone

Connect has formally signed a Recognition Agreement with Vodafone at the company's Regional Operations site in Warrington.

The acting Head of Regional Operations, Tony McKeown and Employee Relations Manager, David Dunwoody were in attendance for the company, while General Secretary Adrian Askew signed for Connect. Connect was also represented by five of our six formal reps in Regional Operations, showing the importance we place on being a members-led trade union, whether we are negotiating in recognised workplaces or recruiting new members where we are not yet recognised.

We sent out the press release below to mark the occasion.

Vodafone signs union recognition deal

Telecoms union Connect has today signed a landmark deal with mobile phone operator Vodafone. The agreement, which gives formal union rights to hundreds of Vodafone employees, marks the first time the company has recognised a British trade union.

The deal will be welcomed by the wider trade union movement as a demonstration that unions can develop in private sector companies with no previous experience of formal union relationships.

Today's agreement follows years of campaigning by workers in the company, who have been determined to win an independent voice in their workplace. It covers around 500 people working across Vodafone's Regional Operations, part of the company that is essential in keeping its network up and running.

The union will now have the formal right to negotiate on behalf of its members in this part of the company on issues such as pay, holiday and the hours people work.

Connect's General Secretary, Adrian Askew, said:

"Our members in Vodafone's Regional Operations are delighted to finally secure a place at the negotiating table with their employer. Today's announcement will also give hope to people working across the telecoms and IT industry that they can win a genuinely independent voice at work."

Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary said:

"This landmark deal proves that trade unions cannot only survive, but thrive in the private sector service economy. Today's announcement is good news for hundreds of Vodafone employees, who can now benefit from Connect's support and expertise. But this is equally good news for Vodafone, who can look forward to a higher level of engagement with their staff."

The agreement follows a decision by the Central Arbitration Committee which has legal powers to require employers to recognise trade unions.

We have already set to work with our members and reps in Regional Operations to deliver the benefits of collective bargaining.

If you work in another area of the business and want to know how you can support us please get in touch with us

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